Pathway to Personal Freedom came from some quiet place of certitude within me and, in that sense, it was not about me or any abilities that I might possess, it was more about a truth that would not rest until expressed, I am simply letting out a voice of freedom to people struggling with addiction.

Addiction is one of the issues our society shy away from rather than address, we
are silent about it yet it‘s killing us slowly; the things that affected us the most are the things we refuse to talk about or discuss.

Religious settings have done little or no good with respect to addiction, they
point fingers and label people sinners rather than address it to provide solutions.

Moreover, our society has accepted it since these days, ‘acceptance is the new healing‘. Society makes it look like it can‘t be overcome so people just have to live with it.

However, this works— though not in the light to oppose or support or pick sides on whether it should be accepted or not in our society— seeks to enlighten and reveal the hidden truths about addiction. That is why it is not for everybody but for those that want to be free from addiction. If you are in this category then it is better you pay 100% attention to it. I wish you the best of luck in your journey to recovery