3 Tips for Ending a Pornography Addiction


As with any addiction, the first step towards recovery is an admission that you have a problem. It’s always difficult, and may even be embarrassing or even shaming to acknowledge, but if you find that a compulsive need to access internet pornography and is interfering with your life, then it may be time to seek help. With the right counselling, these self-destructive habits can be replaced by more positive behaviour patterns, and fortunately, this advice is now widely available. But there are also practical things you can do to help yourself.

Use Content Control Software

One of the first things to consider is using web protection software. Parents often use these types of parental controls to protect their kids from exposure to particular websites. There are many options to choose from and even free options. It would be recommended to have someone else set up a site blocker for you so you don’t know the password to override the software. It requires a certain amount of initial will power to install these systems, and then to maintain them on all your electronic devices, but the commitment to doing so is an important declaration of intent and a sign of determination to change.


Pay Attention to Your Environment and Adopt Healthy Habits

Like other addictions, the habitual and addictive use of pornography may be largely situational; so that the impulses driving it are primarily a response to external factors in an individual’s life which are causing unhappiness. It might be marriage or relationship problems, poor physical health, financial problems, employment problems, social isolation, or just plain boredom. Whatever the cause of pornography addiction, it’s essential to address the underlying cause if a lasting solution is to be achieved. This may require medical help or professional counselling but also needs the individual to take some responsibility for their recovery.

If social isolation and consequent boredom are the principal problems, this might involve joining a local group or club focused on other activities which you have enjoyed in the past to take up your time.

Regular exercise, particularly outdoors, can also have a powerful effect in improving your mood and will remove you from the temptations of your screen. It need not involve an expensive gym membership, it may be as simple as just be going for a walk or run.


Consistent Desire for Change

Making the decision to change is essential, but maintaining the motivation to progress is equally important, and perhaps even more difficult. One powerful way to build this motivation is to reflect with gratitude on the good things in your daily life. Almost everyone, however difficult their current circumstances may seem, has some reason to be thankful and joyful.

Whether you want better health, to be more productive and financially successful at work, or to rebuild damaged close relationships; frequent reminders of your principal motivators can be very helpful.

Get Access to Experienced Professional Advice

If you have tried to quit watching pornography and have been unsuccessful, specialized treatment and counselling may be needed.

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