Low self-esteem

How To Combat Low Self-Esteem

What to be expected

  • Deep introduction of low self-esteem
  • The factor causing low self-esteem
  • What did the Bible say about low self-esteem?
  • How to combat low self-esteem


Self-esteem is the reflection of the understanding of oneself and a sense of personal value. Our perceptions toward ourselves (the ego) are developed through the process of acting and then thinking about our actions as well as how others perceive those actions. Self-esteem refers to our feelings about ourselves or the value we have for ourselves.

In fact, it can be said that self-esteem is a general judgment of ourselves. Most people’s thoughts and feelings about themselves are partly based on their daily experiences.

The score someone obtains in a test, how his/her friends behave toward him/her, and life’s fluctuations or ups and downs can all have a temporary effect on that individual’s vision of him/herself.

Low self-esteem is not a personality but a psychological imbalance. samrantimi

However, it should be noted that self-esteem is something more fundamental than “fluctuations” related to situational changes.

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For people with basic and high self-esteem, natural fluctuations can lead to a special feeling toward the environment and themselves, but only to a limited extent.

On the contrary, to people with poor self-esteem, these “fluctuations” can mean the whole world (and therefore that individual is highly influenced by them).

Often, the feeling of people with low self-esteem toward themselves is determined by their current actions. Such people are constantly in need of external positive experiences to overcome negative thoughts and feelings they are constantly influenced by.

In such situations, a good feeling (e.g. a good test score, etc.) can only have a temporary effect

A healthy person’s self-esteem is based on their abilities to know themselves accurately, as well as acceptance of and value for themselves (no feelings of humiliation and contempt).

This means that an individual can realistically recognize his/her own strengths and weaknesses (which everyone possesses)

Characteristics of high and low self-esteem

High self-esteem is those in which someone believes he/she is important and the world would even be better because he/she lives in it, believes in himself with confidence, can ask for help, and trust his decisions.

low self-esteem is those in which the individual does not think he/she is important, expects others to humiliate him, does not trust others, and thinks nobody likes him/her.

Such an individual also feels loneliness and separation from others and is not interested in himself and others

The reason is low self-esteem person find it difficult to trust people thinking that people did not like him/her or people will do bad things to him or hurt him

Factors that cause or contribute to low self-esteem

We have psychological factors and external factors

Self-esteem is a very certain and specific topic in psychology. And these psychological imbalance are

  • shyness
  • self-consciousness
  • behavioural functioning
  • orientation
  • stress and depression

Shyness is the main character and psychological factor of low self-esteem. When you are shy, approaching people will be a problem, you will find it difficult to associate with people.

External factors

External factor did not have much role in low self-esteem, but it causes low self-esteem temporary.

External factors such as social prestige, parents, wealth, education level, and job title do not have a meaningful effect (as often imagined) on self-esteem.

Attitudes and behaviors of parents, acceptance of children, clear demands, and respecting their actions in a certain area are determinant affairs that cause the feeling of being valuable in children.

The relationship between self-esteem and psychological satisfaction (e.g. depression, social anxiety, and loneliness) can be an important factor in understanding the relationship between self-esteem and health.

Bible teaches/ references about low self-esteem

Bible teaches or references to low self-esteem comes in a way that gives courage to people of low self-esteem.

Sometimes we interchangeable fear with low self-esteem, though fear is a product of low self-esteem.

Bible talk much about fear more than low self-esteem Like Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

When you don’t feel like you’re good enough(low self-esteem), it’s easy to want to blend in, hide in the back, and avoid bringing any attention to yourself.

But God commands you to be strong and courageous!

Jeremiah 17:7 also says

But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.

Again, the message here is that we don’t have to stress so much about our own weaknesses. We don’t have to be the smartest, the most successful, the most productive, or the most anything.

Our job is to do our best and trust that the Lord will work through that.

And we can have confidence that He always does

How can we combat low self-esteem esteem?

First trust in the Lord: when you have God and you allow the power of the holy spirit to work in you, you will have confidence and bold

Secondly, read good and quality books

They say a read is a leader

Why people have low self-esteem is that they don’t know what to say, they afraid people may find fault in what they say,

Thirdly, associate with quality, smart and intelligent people

There is power in association, the people you walk with will help you or stop you, so if you want to move further, associate with quality people

Is there a correlation between being an introvert and having a low self-esteem?

They are correlated in the sense that, both are shy.

Introvert use to shy but not to everyone, but only to strangers or in public. But low self-esteem shy even with his/her family members.

An introvert has friends, low self-esteem did not have a friend

An introvert is commonly more than low self-esteem. Many of us are introverted than low self-esteem physically. Many introverts use social media to talk or associate than anybody else.

Low self-esteem can not even associate with social media not to talk of having a conversation with someone.

And you know what, they always think they are not good enough, that they are worthless or people will find fault in what they say or do.

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